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Hammertoe Treatment


Hammertoe can vary in degree.


Our staff at The Foot and Ankle Treatment Center will need to determine the nature and severity of your condition in order for Dr. Gowdie to recommend the most effective hammertoe treatment.

What is Hammertoe?


Hammertoe is a disorder that can occur in any one or all of toes two through five when there is an imbalance in the ligaments and muscles of the toe causing the toe to arch upward in the middle and the end of the toe to point downward. In mild cases, the toe can be straightened. In more severe cases the toe joints will “lock” and become rigid and will require a different treatment approach. Hammertoe can be quite painful and it can become very uncomfortable to wear shoes. The little toe can curl inward toward the fourth toe but is still considered a hammertoe. The toes can become discolored on top and may develop a corn or callus. 

What Causes Hammertoe?


As with several disorders of the foot, hammertoe is often the result of poorly fitting shoes and since women’s shoes often feature high heels and pointed toes, women suffer from hammertoe more frequently than men. There are some arthritic and neuromuscular conditions that can contribute to the development of hammertoe. 

What are My Treatment Options For Hammertoe?


Hammertoes may be treated conservatively or through surgery. Conservative treatment may involve fitting with orthotic shoes, use of strapping or a hammertoe splint. These treatments will only be effective if the toe can easily be straightened. Dr. Gowdie may recommend an x-ray in order to evaluate the bones and joints. 

In cases where the toe is fixed, hammertoe surgery will most likely be required. There are different surgical options that can get you walking pain free again. 

Take the First Step to Walking Pain Free


There is no need to suffer the pain of hammertoes as there are plenty of effective treatment methods. For professional evaluation of your condition and to discuss your best treatment options, call The Foot and Ankle Treatment Center at (706) 310-4288.

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