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So Glad I Found The Foot and Ankle Treatment Center On Facebook

“When I found you on Facebook, my right ankle was swollen and very painful due to old football injuries and arthritis. Your treatment with the shots, insoles and the laser have really helped!  I must admit I was a little skeptical about the laser treatments, but since you gave me the series of 12 ten minute treatments, I have no pain or swelling in my ankle. It is still a little stiff, but the pain is gone!  I am really glad I found you, Janie and Nicki and The Foot and Ankle Treatment Center!"

J. Winston Brown

Dr. Gowdie Treats Us Like Family

“I would like to start by saying that Dr. Gowdie is a trustworthy doctor, I have never experienced such Great Care! My mom had an ulcer on her leg near her ankle that started in 2007. It was the size of a nail head, it was small so we took my mom to this one doctor, I will not expose his name but he really should have his license taken away from him. He strung my mom along for years so he could get the most out of her insurance, during that time my mom’s leg was getting worst.


She almost had to have her leg amputated, the ulcer had spread up to her knee, so we contacted Dr. Gowdie in 2010. What a man of honor! He began treating my mom’s leg and, I kid you not, her leg was healed within 3 months. My mom’s leg went from looking like something in a horror movie to a beautiful healthy leg. After that my mom started calling Dr.Gowdie her son because he cared for her as if she was family and not just a patient. Thank you so much Dr. Gowdie, We love you!"

Regina Thomas

Dr. Gowdie Cares for His Patients

"I am a diabetic who spent a lot of time searching for a great Podiatrist. Dr. Donovan Gowdie was referred to me by a friend. My first visit I knew I had found the right doctor.  He was warm, caring and gave me peace of mind that excellent medical care was being rendered with convenience. I went to him with a foot problem and he was able to quickly diagnose my foot problem. He had to perform surgery and both he and his staff were great. I had excellent care thoughout and after the surgery.

Dr. Gowdie shows that he cared for his patients and was able to quickly diagnosis the problem. He was the talk around town among the senior citizens. Sometimes we made up reasons to go for an appointment because he made us feel that we were his only patient and he cared about us."

Anita William Brown Ed.D

I Completely Trust in Dr. Gowdie's Care

"To  whomever want to hear my testimony, I had three surgeries by this other doctor in Macon.  I told Dr. Gowdie if he ever were to leave, I was going to follow him wherever he's goes. So in the meantime I was going to that other doctor in Macon where the I had three surgeries and my ankle kept getting bigger. So,  I went to another Doctor at Emory in Atlanta, GA and was told that the doctor who did this surgery had did something very wrong now I had fluid entrapment in my ankle and I needed to see an Orthopedic surgeon. So one day I was sitting at home still on crutches ,my foot real big and couldn't walk on it.


Dr Gowdie told me where he was working at in Albany, GA. I asked him could for an appointment to see him . Dr Gowdie said yes. I went to see Dr Gowdie and had two surgeries with Dr Gowdie the last surgery he had got me back to walking!!  When I tell you this man is a good doctor he really is and I would not trade him for nothing in the world. I' m waiting for him to start work in the Athens Ga. I told him no matter where he go I'll follow. Please Dr Gowdie, hurry up and get back to work I'm waiting on you . Thank God  for the Gowdie and thank you for being the doctor that you are I mean I'm going to stay with you no matter where you go."

Mary Jones

20 Years of Pain and Now I am Feeling and Performing Pain Free

“My experience at this office was the same as the previous reviewer, plus read on if you have Morton's neuroma or pain around your small toes. Dr. Gowdie and his wonderful team are dedicated to identifying and providing you relief or a cure. At my first visit he gathered history and symptoms. I felt he was getting to know me as a person and my expectations regarding my pain and limitations. I was provided metatarsal pads and inserts to try. At the second visit I informed him I felt little improvement. After further discussion plus a MRI to confirm the diagnosis, we discussed a soft laser treatment. By the 5th or 6th treatment my pain lessened. 12 treatments were completed and I felt 75% pain free. Previously I could not run 3 miles without a high level of pain from my Morton's Neuroma. Last Sunday, my 70th birthday, I ran 13.1 miles, a half marathon, and my feet were pain free 100%! That was 4 months after my first visit. 20 years of pain and now I am feeling and performing pain free. Thank you Dr. Gowdie and your fantastic team."

Bill Hevener

Video Testimonials

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